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His career started back in the early 90’s after being a part of the local Dallas, TX hip hop group P.O.E. (Productz Of My Environment) with Tip Toe, 240, & Dukesta.  The group met while students at El Centro Community College. After a short stint the group disbanded, but not before creating a local buzz that led to being opening acts for Common, Ice Cube, Wu-Tang, & others. In 1996  he hopped on a Greyhound bus headed to Oakland, CA to assemble with his brothers (Tip Toe & Geno Boss) whom had secured a deal on the infamous C-Note Records (home of Dru Down Tha Luniz).  During this time, he & his rap partner (240) formed Loose Cannons & recorded their 1st professional song, “Money Makin’ Mission” which appeared on the infamous Oakland, CA compilation ‘Million Dollar Dream…This Is How We Lay Low.’  Also during this time they appeared on Da Productz ‘Lavish Lifestyles’ debut album alongside Bay Area heavyweight Dru Down.  He saw a lot…the good & horrible of the music business, & after the ride was over…he’d disbanded Loose Cannons & returned to Dallas, TX…where he would then revamp the group (with Cin Q) & start out on a new mission.  It was during this time that Bootha would dive into the world of beat making/production & after having amassed well over 500 beats he & Cin Q started recording a run of projects that would lead to a prominent 15 yr. run!!!  With a heap of music (3 mixtapes & 2 studio albums…one unreleased), shows, interviews, & a multitude of guest appearances with other artists they linked back up with their brother Tip Toe who would secure a meeting with well known & respected hip hop producer Rod ‘KP’ Kirkpatrick (Eric Sermon, Redman, Fu Schnickens, & Sadat X to name a few).  KP came on board to produce the groups EP ‘Doin’ It To Def.’  They secured a single distribution deal thru the infamous Bay Area imprint ABB Records/710Digital for their club anthem “Say Yeah,” which was featured on many mixtapes, radio stations, & video programs throughout the U.S.  It also led to a Roc Nation promo campaign opportunity extended directly from Emory Jones.  

In the midst of recording their 2nd studio album…Vandross abruptly left the group…disclosing it only as “personal reasons.”  A month later he found himself immersed in a solo career.  Not knowing how that would pan out he jumped in head first & released his 1st project ‘Conversation Piece.’  The project was a concept that found Vandross having a conversation with the late great Malcolm X.  It turned into a whirlwind as he also started to develop his brand ‘beVocal.’ The project amassed appearances on radio & video programs outside of the U.S.  It led to collaborations with artists from states outside of his own, endless live performances, & many guest appearances on other artists projects.  This also led to his 1st performance at the worldwide famous SXSW Conference & Music Festival in Austin, TX in 2014.  This was the spearhead to him meeting a producer from Rimini, Italy by the name of Luca Mina aka Aniki Beats via SoundCloud.  The two had a mutual respect for each other’s work & decided to record a song, which turned out to be ‘Police Brutality.’  In late 2014 that encounter eventually became a match made in heaven & led to Aniki Beats sending Bootha more tracks & Bootha returning completed songs back to Aniki.  Figuring that they were on the path to something special, the two decided to make it a project which became known as, ‘A CLASSIC REVIVAL.’  Simply put…the project is “an ode to & an appreciation of the art form we call Hip Hop!” states Vandross.  All of the tracks that Aniki produced had that classic Boom Bap sound & Bootha’s lyrics helped to complete the backdrop that takes the listener back to that Golden Era of Hip Hop.  The project took 2 yrs. to complete for the simple reason that neither just wanted to rush & put out some bullshit music.  During this time they had a makeshift cover for the project that read, “A Classic Revival…Coming Whenever The Fuck We Want It To!”  And Bootha meant exactly that!  He made sure that he picked the right tracks & the right artists in which to collaborate.  Bootha recorded about 20-30 different songs…some songs which he revamped more than once…some songs he trashed as soon as he was done recording.  “I was hell bent on putting together the perfect project,” stated Vandross.  After it was all said & done they had 15 tracks (interludes included) that they fully felt represented ‘A Classic Revival.’  They built a nice buzz & anticipation on social media for the project which eventually dropped on March 13, 2017.  So far the project has been well received; from 1-15 every listener has at least 1..2…or 3 favorite tracks.  “It takes me back to when I 1st heard hip hop!” states one listener!  And with that said Bootha states…”mission complete!!!”

Enjoying ‘The Beautiful Struggle’…Bootha asks his listeners to take a stroll with him on the journey or spectate from the bleachers…in any manner…he’s glad you came!